Pianathon Challenge

Happy New Year 2016 Everyone (end of January still counts right ;))!

As the beginning of 2016 started, I thought about some of my resolutions for the New Year. One of them was to play piano more regularly, or rather make the time for it: explore new piano pieces and improve my sight reading. One of my other resolutions was to give money for various charitable causes. When it comes to donating, I feel that in the past, I’ve been quite passive about it, tangled into my daily routine, donating quite rarely. I often said to myself “I’ll donate another time “insert excuse of the moment””…

So I’ve decided to create a challenge for 2016: not to run a marathon (I wish!) but a pianathon. I’m challenging myself to sightread/play 500 pages of music in 2016 and to donate $1 per page, which will be $500 for the year, divided into three donations (May 1st, October 1st, 31st December). If you would like to support this challenge, and donate yourself, I would be thrilled! I will set up a fundraising page for each organisation. Watch this space! Suggested donation $0.10 per page of music that I play but you can donate whatever amount you like. I would be grateful for all contributions, no matter the amount! I will upload my recordings (don’t expect concert quality but will play my best ;)) and page counts. Also, if you have suggestions of pieces, feel free to let me know!

Which organisation to donate to? There are many causes that I feel strongly about but have decided to narrow it down to three organizations for their incredible work in medical aid, fighting against poverty and social injustice as well as promoting education for women.

Fundraiser Page – no longer active ($1047 raised) http://goget.fund/1W1Ryfc

  • Oxfam Fundraising until 1st October

Fundraiser Page – no longer active (£650 raised)


Fundraiser Page – no longer active (€1174 raised)


I would love to hear your feedback/suggestions so feel free to comment below!

Piano, here I come!




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