Pianathon ‘live’: Concert preview: R. Charles – ‘Hit the Road Jack”

This was our final piece of the programme before the singalong. Our version of “Hit the Road Jack”. Some harmonies, piano 4 hands and improv’ :)!

For those who are keen for the rest of the concert, typing “pianathon”might do the trick!


Pages 160-174: Pianathon ‘Live’ in Boston

Hi everyone, the Pianathon Fundraiser concert in Boston for the first chapter (for MSF/Doctors without Borders) was a success! I had the pleasure to play/sing with amazing musician friends in front of a great audience. Thank you all for your generous donations. We raised $180 :)! Videos will be uploaded soon…

group concert

Pages 154-159: Debussy – 2nd Arabesque

Fundraiser donations and requests are flooding in :). Thrilled, thank you for supporting my pianathon fundraiser challenge! Tonight, I’ll be sightreading a piece by Debussy, the 2nd Arabesque. I played the first one earlier on the pianathon (didn’t sightread that one ;)). Dedication goes to Rachel Skingsley, a good friend of my Mum’s. Thank you for your generous donation. I hope you won’t mind that I diverted slightly from your request and that you also like the 2nd Arabesque! Many best wishes for your move to England.

Pages 151-153: R. Granata – Marina

Sans titreIMG_2278

Today on the pianathon challenge is going back to the sixties! Special dedication goes to my dear Mum who is celebrating her 60th birthday this weekend. Joyeux anniversaire :). I am very lucky to have such an incredible and inspirational Mum. Volim te jako! I’m playing a childhood piece of my Mum’s: Italian song ‘Marina’ by Rocco Granata. She used to sing it when she was 5 (!), back in 1961 (vintage picture for the occasion!). I chose this piece as I remember our grandfather showing use the recording that he had of  our Mum singing ‘Marina’…


Pages 148-150: A famous Irish Folk Song…

piano YAW

Bonjour everyone! Sightreading from Paris today on my childhood’s piano :).

I’m playing a famous Irish Folk song today (who can guess the name :)?). Dedication goes to my friends Siobhan and Sean in London who will get married in Ireland in May. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to be at your wedding in person :(. Wishing you both a lot of happiness on your journey together!  I decided to play this famous piece for both of you. I hope you like this version.





Pages 142-147: Debussy – Clair de Lune


As today is Siblings Day in the US, happy siblings day to my brother Anthony! I could not have wished for a better brother :). Je t’aime bcp! I decided to learn (properly ;)) one of your favourites, the famous Debussy piano piece, Clair de Lune. Hope you like this version!


Pages 139-141: Piazzolla – Milonga del Angel

Good afternoon! Today on the pianathon challenge with be the last request from my fundraiser page this week (still time to donate for Doctors without borders/MSF! http://goget.fund/1W1Ryfc). Dedication to my friend and roommate Harshna in Boston: many thanks for your generous donation! Your request was “play you favourite song” smile emoticon. This one was challenging as there are so many pieces/songs to choose from. I decided to go with ‘Milonga del Angel’, by one of my favourite composers, Argentinian tango composer Astor Piazzolla. A piece that I had the occasion to play at recitals with my brother and fellow musician friends!

Pages 135-138: Mozart – Piano Concerto n21 – 2nd Mvt Theme

Won’t be playing a whole concerto ;). Sightreading the theme from Mozart’s 21st Concerto for Piano (2nd Mvt). You will most likely recognise it! Continuing on the fundraiser requests. This one is for my friend Carlos in Boston. Muchas gracias for your generous donation! You told me to choose any piece of my liking ;). Hope you’ll like this piece!

Pages 131-134: Lennon – Imagine


Today on the pianathon challenge will be John Lennon’s Imagine, a great piece with a powerful message that still stands today. Dedication goes to my cousin Robert who is celebrating his birthday in Nasice, Croatia, Sretan ti Rodjendan, i dalje uzivaj u glazbi :)! Puno pozdrava svima u Nasicama!

Image courtesy: http://www.prague.fm (02/04/2016), John Lennon wall (saw it in Prague back in 2007, worth visiting!)