Pages 321-324: Warren/Harris/Taggart -The Chainsmokers ft. Daya – Don’t Let Me Down

Good-evening folks! Tonight, I’m playing a modern tune from the charts for my godson Leonard in Paris as he likes this song :). Many thanks to his sister Eva for secretly checking his playlist ;). J’espere que la version piano te plaira!


Pages 315-330: Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Zephyr Song

Hello everyone! The next ‘old-school’ rock song will be one by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Zephyr Song, that is one of my favourite ones by them!  I arranged it myself as I couldn’t find a piano version that I liked. Dedication goes to my friends Claire and Nicolas in Boston. J’espere que cette version piano/ukulele vous plaira :)! A bientot! N.B. the uke solo still needs perfecting haha ;)).

Pages 311-314: Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

Hello everyone! The next two recordings (on video at my family home!) on the pianathon will feature some good ‘old-school’ rock songs featuring the ukulele :). The first one is Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. Dedication goes to my friends Anwesha and Akash in Boston. I’ve perfected the version I played for you last time, I hope you like it :)!

Pages 306-310: Mithoon – Tum Hi Ho (from Aashiqui 2)

Today, I’m sight-reading my first song request from my Oxfam fundraiser, Tum Hi Ho, composed by Mithoon, from the Bollywood movie Aashiqui 2. Song request by my friend Fabien in Geneva. Many thanks for your generous donation on the fundraiser :)! Hope you and Nandhini will enjoy this song :). See you soon!


Pages 302-305: Albeniz – Tango

Today, I’m sight-reading a piano piece by Spanish composer, the Tango from the Suite Espana (Op. 165). One of my favourite piano pieces from the Spanish classical repertoire. Dedication for this piece goes to the Kim family in Montreal:  Anna, Jinhwan and little Leo :). Anna, I decided to go for a Spanish piece as it reminded me of our Spanish classes together ! Hope you will like this piece :).


Pages 297-301: Satie – Gymnopedies 2&3

Bonjour! Today I’m sight-reading the 2nd and 3rd Gymnopedies by Eric Satie. Despite having heard them a lot, the Gymnopedies Series never gets old to me :). Dedication goes to my friend Manuela who just moved to Manchester. Wishing you and Julien the best on this new adventure for this next chapter :). Bis bald hoffentlich!

manchester skyline

Pages 291-296: A.Newsley/L.Bricusse – Feeling Good

Tonight, I’m playing the iconic jazz song Feeling Good, famously sung by Nina Simone followed by covers by Michael Bubble, Muse… Dedication goes to my friends Susan and Carl in Cambridge, UK. Many congratulations for your wedding earlier this year, many best wishes on your journey together :)! Will be in the UK end of October, hopefully see you then!

Pages 287-290: Bach – Prelude&Fugue n.15 (2nd Book)

Hello! After Chopin’s two preludes, I decided to go back to the classic preludes by J.S.Bach. I’m sight-reading the 15th Prelude and Fugue from the 2nd Well-Tempered Clavier book. Dedication goes to my friend Bela in Cambridge UK. Hope you like these two (have an indulgent ear for the Fugue as the sight-reading was a little trickier than I anticipated ;)). See you soon (will be in the UK end of October :))!

Pages 284-286: Chopin – Preludes 3 & 4

Today, I’m sight-reading two of my favourite Preludes by Chopin (the 3rd and 4th ones). The 3rd one is supposed to be quick so you imagine it like that (as I was sight-reading ;)). Dedication goes to my friends Ellen and Niall in Cambridge, UK. I hope you like these two pieces and am looking forward to catching up soon (will be in the UK end of October :)).