Page 434-435: Saint-Saëns – Carnaval des Animaux – Tortues & Elephants

The next animals featured today are the Turtle and the Elephant :)! Dedication goes to my cousin’s baby Luka who was born a few weeks ago :). I hope that he will like these two musical animals :). Veselim se ga uskoro upoznati! Pusa iz Munchena!



Pages 431-433: Saint-Saëns – Carnaval des Animaux – The Lion March

This week will be the musical tour of the animal kingdom with Saint-Saëns’ Carnaval des Animaux series. Today, I’m sight-reading the Royal March of the Lion! Dedication goes to my friend Damir in Cambridge, UK. It was lovely to catch up in October in the UK. Hope you like this piece :)!


Page 428-430: The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

Back to some classic rock today with Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones. Some great chords on the piano at the beginning :). Dedication goes to my family relative Zvonko in Nasice in Croatia. Nadam se da ti ce se svidjati :)! Pusa iz Münchena!

Fundraiser Page for “Room to Read”… last chance to request a piece on my Pianathon…until December 31st :)!

room-to-read-fundraiserAs 2016 is soon coming to an end, so is the last stretch of my Pianathon… By the 31st December, I will have played 500 pages of piano music. I have been thrilled with the success of my first two chapters: Doctors without Borders ($1047 raised) and Oxfam ($812 raised). For this last chapter, I will be supporting Room to Read, a charity that works on education and gender equality in the developing world. To read more what they do: Suggested donation is $0.10 per page of music that I play but you can donate whatever amount you like. I would be grateful for all contributions, no matter the amount! Every contribution will make a difference. For those who donate €25 or more, I will play a piece of your choice!

Fundraiser Page:

Thank you all for your support!



Sight-reading Page: what is actually sight-reading?

A lot of people have asked me about what sight-reading is which half of my pianathon challenge has been, so I’m posting a little video about it :)!  Also my new fundraiser page for ‘Room to Read’ is now online, check it out and spread the word :). 38 days to go! I will post about it in the next days.

Pages 423-427 – The Eagles – Hotel California

Hello everyone! You might think that this is the ultimate guitar piece but actually, the piano version isn’t too bad… Obviously I’m biased  ;). A friend of mine in Munich recently sent me an original version by Chilly Gonzales. Do check it out! I won’t be playing his version but found some piano scores and adapted them in my style! Dedication goes to my friend Ida in Munich, ich hoffe es wird dir gefallen :)!

Pages 420-422: Tchaikovsky – March from The Nutcracker

Hello everyone! To start the upcoming Christmas season, I decided to sight-read a piece from The Nutcracker :). Dedication goes to my friend François in New York. Many thanks for your generous donation on my Oxfam fundraiser. You requested Mozart’s Turkish March which has already been featured in the Pianathon… so I decided for another March! J’espère que celle-ci te plaira :)!


Pages 414-419: L. Cohen – First We Take Manhattan…then We Take Berlin

Dear all, following the sad news about the singer-poet L. Cohen’s passing, it was fitting to sight-read a piece that he wrote during my trip to Berlin. I chose one of his songs that features Berlin. Thank you Oliver for filming me in a piano shop we found in town. RIP L. Cohen.

Pages 412-413: Grieg – Poetical Tone Pictures – II

Hello everyone! I came across this piece while listening to some Grieg recently. I found the sheet music and decided to sight-read it for the pianathon :). Dedication goes to my friends Bettina and Oliver in Munich :). Many thanks for being great hosts when I arrived in Munich in September and for showing me some of the cool places in town! Hope you will like this tune :).